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one the eye. thus the ortega all of the rows of her controversial u s a program aimed at influencing children through social media networks and costa rican government is outraged that the program was devised in their country more on that ahead. the marshall islands is doing all nuclear powers were violating their legal obligation to disarm the pacific chain of islands was the sight of dozens of nuclear testing the nineteen fifties. he tells the story john kerry took aim at the park came over our ukraine coverage. this was
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while he went orchard for events in ukraine. more on that later nature a fan hello and welcome. i did it when it's at five pm here in washington dc. i found her watching our team there the story about the twitter like service that the us launched in cuba four years ago and failed. well there was an associated press investigation which revealed that the us has undertaken extensive efforts to hide the true nature of the messaging system calls and some mail. it was reported that the idea was to create a service that would carry neutral content at the beginning but once again the non subscribers that would be used to steer protesting about the us international development agency has admitted to running that what i like social networking cuba but said he was not an attempt to undermine the government and that it was not covert. rt
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political commentator tom sachs report on the latest latin american country that is challenge washington's claims. the fallout from the recently disclosed it is in his email program has reached in other latin american countries. costa rica. the ap reports that the course or if the government is demanding answers from the obama administration about how usaid improperly used assets again coaster rica to develop the disease nao. the social network deployed in cuba in two thousand ninth reportedly disrupt the castro government the repeated claims by us in the program was not covert were belied by lawmakers late sen patrick leahy has two claimed earlier this month but he didn't know about it the legislation say anything about setting up a mini idea in cuba with twitter accounts and all for now the coast region government claims that they didn't know about it either. despite reports the base of operations present scenario was run from within their country. cursory his communications minister told
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the ap quotes. the government of the republic was not aware of this. we are waiting the reply of the government of the united states. history does largest newspaper revealed the foreign ministry officials were tipped off to us its plans for zoos emailed back in two thousand i tell us embassy they want no part of it and refusing to grant diplomatic status to two u s government contractors working on the program according to an internal memo to the coaster region foreign ministry. there were concerns that the project quotes could create a situation politically inconvenient. since it can be interpreted that would violate the principles of non intervention in internal affairs of other countries the memo went even further suggesting the coaster rakyat government withdraw from cooperation agreement with the united states. but as far as we know. usaid move forward on jeans email addy went to st the government was
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made aware that only earlier this month to read it in the news headlines the street as foreign minister told the ap quote they consider appropriate to use an embassy in costa rica for this type of operation barnes a third country. now there's a big difference between cuba nation essentially blacklisted by the united states and toaster eat a healthy trading partner and diplomatic ally of the united states. there aren't any more bridges for the state department to burn in cuba. aside from efforts to free sixty five year old alan gross. an american contractor who's been in jail in cuba since two thousand i first involvement in a different usaid mission in the country. with cursory to a nation that has cooperation agreements with the us government in over nineteen billion dollars in trade there could be real consequences if relations go sour. and already the white house has its hands full mending fences in other latin american countries sending
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from the nsa disclosures still last thing it needs is yet another self inflicted diplomatic ones. washington d c said socks are too. if your car is stolen the last thing you want is for your personal files can be tempered with why enforcement and cell phone provider sipping have long been advocated for and universal kill switch in order to render stolen phones use lists some of his party are right on department of justice has filed a brief with the supreme court arguing police should be able to search homes at the time i never dress immediately without a warrant. they feel that a white paint would hinder police investigations to crack down on crime and catch culprits. on behalf of the doj the police as searching and arrest the cell phone immediately upon the rest is often critical to protecting evidence against concealment in a locked door in cryptic phone or remote destruction. the art running frontier foundation argues that warrantless searches are
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a serious violation of privacy going barbie on a search of a suspect pa kids backpack will clark the people so as to warrant lists access to suspect call logs are doing that and the individuals lose their reasonable expectation of privacy when they share information with third party such as the phone company and the fourth amendment's prohibition on warrantless searches no longer applies now the marshall islands is suing the nine countries with nuclear weapons that the international court of justice that the heat the pacific chain of islands with the side of sixty seven nuclear tests carried out by the us from nineteen forty six to nineteen fifty eight including the bravo shot at fifteen to get on device equivalent to a thousand hiroshima plus. the marshall islanders say they have been suffering serious health and environmental effects. ever since. they're silly not just the us but all nations were known to have nuclear weapons
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because they are you all have violated their legal obligation to disarm. so if i've established nuclear weapons states the us russia which inherited the soviet arsenal china prawns and the uk as well as the three countries outside the nonproliferation treaty of declared nuclear arsenals that is india pakistan and north korea plus the one on declared nuclear weapon state as well. more than one hundred and eighty nations are recognizes parties and non proliferation treaty under the treaty not weapon states pledge not to acquire nuclear weapons and weapon states in return. oh and it took to disarm. jointly by daryl kimball executive director of arms control association cool. i'm still deciding on the latest but this lawsuit. yes the marshall islands is well positioned to make this argument. it is one of many non nuclear states that are very frustrated with russia united states china india the nuclear countries for not moving quickly enough to fill
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their obligations in the nineteen sixty eight tabcorp treaty to pursue good faith efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons and pursue general and complete disarm and yes this case in russia have recently agreed in the new start treaty of two dozen candy to reduce their deployed strategic nuclear arsenals down to one thousand five hundred fifty warheads. by the year twenty eighteen but the two sides have not been able to agree to sit down at the negotiating table to pursue further reductions below the steel gargantuan out numbers in the two problem right now is let her put his willingness to me pres obama's proposal to cut by another third will the us and the russian nuclear stockpiles and to hear a lot more about this next week in new york when the member states of the nuclear corporation treaty. though the nuclear weapons states and non nuclear states all gather to discuss and review progress or lack of progress on meeting his disarming
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commitments. this is an unimpressive any legal action it is very unusual. it is the first of i'm aware of in which a single state has taken on the nuclear armed countries in the world court there was this that the case in the nineteen nineties. in the world court regarding the legality of nuclear weapons and their use in the world court judged on that love to see how they respond to this time i think it's incumbent upon moscow and washington the other countries to respond in the quartet also. united nations in this review conference opponent corporation treaty. they're supposed to be reporting on april thirtieth on the progress towards meeting the commitments they made the last time rebekah for some two dozen can't. so it's very important for present opening. as obama and for countries to make much better efforts towards reducing
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these is arsenal's which i wouldn't remember. why thousand five hundred fifty nuclear weapons is far more nuclear weapons than is necessary to deter a nuclear or conventional attack another country. and yet russia and has stayed still have had many nuclear weapons and for now russia is refusing to go further down towards the elimination of these weapons. alastair campbell executive director arms control association the white anticipated although classes are about to hit the market but some lawmakers are concerned the glasses which connected the euronext will be a distraction for drivers some states are considering restricting their use especially about the wall behind our keys in it david tells us in provo is putting its political clout than money toward staying one step ahead of the lawmakers the recorded video. it's one of google's most really anticipated
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device is who will glass began to weave the first of its kind wearable computer that displays information and a hands free format allowing users to communicate with the internet while. me and of their voice. excitement is building with the device expected to become widely available by the end of this year but this new technology is putting lawmakers on edge and noble on the defence and the legislators in a number of states are growing concern over the potential for distracted rioting and some had even called for a ban on wearing the school spirit behind the wheel. we have a company that a lot of money but he is making the kids were really pushing the boundaries and thinking of ways and bad and i think lawmakers are trying to keep the pendulum on their side and the tingling down by the company recently dispatched lobby of the three state to win only delaware in
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missouri. hoping to persuade officials not to implement legislation that could restrict the gadgets use a total of eight states are now considering some kind of regulation on the divine that number is likely to grow. the thing consider that the pac ten years ago. on that. today global influence on state policy is just one example of how the company is flexing its newly cemented mofo. it's only down in a recent washington post report that details how the internet company has become a master of washington and plants the tech giant first began its anti tutsi work in washington back in two thousand three. that year it spent just over a hundred thousand dollars making it the two hundred and thirty two largest corporate money spender in the us but by two thousand. well that was a very different story the company shelled out more than eighteen million dollars thereby kept holding it fell to second on the way. those numbers reflect just how
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large mining division has grown from a one man shop in two thousand by two more than one hundred lobbyists in twenty fourteen in a statement our team who will acknowledge its lobbying expenditures same technology issues are a big part of the current policy discussion in washington. it is important to be a part of that discussion and how policy makers understand our business and the work we do to keep it in an adult then but according to the washington post google has used up alot of buying power to influence policy makers on the night of capitol hill. in recent years the company has financed google friendly research at universities and invested roughly one hundred forty trade group's advocacy organizations and think tanks it's not nearly that google has lobbyists to go to capitol hill and explain what's going on now with goebbels complex technical issues if applicable also does is find a lot of think tanks and some of those things tanks many issue papers that love will happen
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to be supportive of the l a and b a with a piece of art available in a way well maybe maybe not the first company to jump on the washington bandwagon. in fact many analysts have pointed to suffer giant microsoft corporation npc of the way google is just following a well trod path. i first read in one play and then they realize that you don't play basically if you're not sitting at the table your lunch was certainly has been tabled today mommy across the range of issues front and were foreign to most recently government surveillance. this summer those issues will be within your shot of congress and whooping cough as to capitol hill doubling its workspace to the sides of the white house and cementing its home in washington and reporting for our team and in your data. now to ukraine a very tense situation in dramatic footage has emerged from the city of qom of course cheney senior prank
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the series of class were caught on camera in your field which government troops earlier recaptured from activists the local hospital reports several injuries the explosion reportedly destroyed in a live tree helicopter and some say it was a gunfight that courts according to the army's latest aprons. the aircraft was parted with a grenade launcher. journalist and blogger graham phillips is income source and sent us this report. the owner told the footy show has been on the behind the arc has been speaking to him asking what it is people who live locally who come to a question on the board's audit of the new tree operation began protesting on the plate and the debate on the way to keep reading on these pages the scene. it still wouldn't want a command center to the day. don't get the keys to its release. reports are that important position is however that reaction which of course they can be a hit
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the gasoline. with a different here the situation the beach. what's that chairman graham phillips in ukraine a nearby city of swan bells has seen and deadly assault on self defense claim that the ukrainian forces of the spot activists have reportedly been killed the army has now set up a blockade of the city and take it back to this saved. this signals the start of a civil war. there now. tightening security of their checkpoints they have stopped their boss karen cooper for a seat only to service the so called people's mayor of the city says this was done because the experts were escorted by ukrainian troops. the self defense groups are now checking the ideas of the osce mission members. art is called here took a personal look at the situation around the city i use a condom on ukrainian troops thinking he is working to bring him to study on as we were actually making our way couldn't wait to be
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the end of may. i mean we seem to be confronted with the strips not with the moment. railway crossing and then it was going on. one hour. more more. eight times for me. you can email me not on your plate. yep. you know why. the twenty three years with the ukrainians and now they're starting to stir the soul. i don't consider us as their people. the cause of almost constant the ukrainian on the maintenance phase moving the chook has coasted to the government to offset the loss to try and defend that girl that again any kind of ukrainian on the news that was the ukrainian soldiers
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trying to come into the town the information we have to work for common vehicle fifteen soldiers each trade to close the road in which they probably got this information or so large vehicles and helicopters so they went back me when i'm at the end i would hope that you can see the text. we wish we'd be said we are all in our room and each of my school our children our grandchildren. i did for a fifteen ukrainian vehicles on the deco. don't you. no we aren't use to it. we do what they would take another route there are many routes. bill twenty crt house on touchdowns. our team is on the fly here again. john kerry's attack the network for it. our coverage of the crisis in ukraine calling us a propaganda bullhorn
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check this out. in fact a propaganda bullhorn. that is the state sponsored russia today programme has been delayed deployed to promote actually russia today network has deployed to promote president putin's fantasy about what is playing out on the ground. they almost been full time devoted to this effort to propaganda eyes and to distort what is happening or not happening in ukraine well first off it or carry things for watching our kids and arranging our greatest among them responded by saying we are planning to write an official request is a departmental concrete examples of when archie has the story asks if i'm fortunate that the head of the city parking know so little about what's going on in ukraine at the moment discuss this i was joined earlier by prime backer for the answer coalition at first asked him why he thinks john kerry decided to attack our tea and why now. when the us
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government is annoyed with our teaching russian media and other international media to a specialist and speaking english language and words of a new store is that the american people can hear something other than the truly propagandists take on message that we lead by cnn and msnbc abc all of us that words that echo the same line over and over again john kerry and president obama and john mccain they're worried that there's actually an alternative ways to beat her by the american people and other english language audiences i think the words that he used against our team of propaganda mobile for those completely apply to every u s media outlet and the american people are misinformed uninformed. when she found out that you see the american people don't like obama's policy so the only one in one message the american government's message. and it's so interesting to watch the kind of an impact on the tv channel tfc in our coverage we are challenging everything that the rest come in
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the same night. ukraine because it's worth challenging because if the viewer and just listen to what the state apartment together with the us mainstream media are saying about your friend or have the most distorted vision of what's happening on the ground there would in a bid to enter into high heat it's a highly controlled political environment in the united states. when i was young when demonstrate against the vietnam war. he would always wanted to go back to russia in other words if you oppose u s government policy or obviously an agent of a foreign power. and to have our tea which is obviously a russian tv and has an editorial opinion. it also has contrasting points of view much more frequently than the american media but because it's there because it challenges the american narrative is considered to be extremely dangerous. they stated that this is the first casualty of all words the truth when american government knows that controlling the narrative controlling or fax the information carefully presented his kingdom there were no cold war against
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russia. pray for him until iris response to the attack on our teacher would ask about it at a news conference the commission. they key is ours and deploying pigeons propaganda ball holders joined kerry said referring to auntie festival it's not exactly polite to use expressions like that but i can understand why he said it will appeal to serious competition to cnn the bbc i guess the west in the vehicle they had an absolute monopoly and would never face competition. he's attracting huge audiences in the us the uk and western europe in general the lead lap america the middle east and other parts of the world. however also said the west was convinced for some time that he had it for monopoly on that mass media from my three years ago a story clinton saying that the un says the new command to warrant it using no more riding on the first time our team was mentioned by such high profile us official to think
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this effectively means the end. information monopoly and that the us has held for so long what could be the outcome of that. what in the us government realizes that the truth is very dangerous because of the american people particularly learn the truth they get an alternative news source they can become a political factor. demanding a change in us policy a policy that needs to be changed on the monopoly on information is key because controlling people's minds is the most important are the most important thing we see right now that the rta and what hillary clinton called the international media that poses a challenge to the us media. it means that they have lost their monopoly that's a very good thing i know is an american person that millions of americans are so happy that there's an alternative or say which resulted in the mainstream corporate owned media but we don't see it i'm john kerry as someone who copy of protests peaceful when dory
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seeking a peaceful use of course a dead one day you don't invade another country on time to prepare for the us had done just that. why is it think that anything he says anything to do was say this can be immune from scrutiny when it's just an exercise in power really like john kerry should of been fired by president obama still a scary and according to linda neoconservatives who drove this crisis and provoke this crisis in ukraine name were the ones who created a situation where there's no rush on one side in the western people in the united states at loggerheads over crimea it is too crazy. they acted responsibly. i think now you hear kerry and those who created so much damage in the us government's own policy. the china cupboard for now divert attention divert attention to the school they say are counting on a propaganda war when in fact they're kept in the world into a colossal catastrophe for the us own interests or perceived interest and is part of
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the world. asp and eccentric ordinator at the answer coalition. we are teaching two different view of the planned summit should decide the more sources of information you have the better. as if an apple on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our team air come and check out our website are good outcomes less usa. it can also follow me on twitter and i'm an underscore our team the swans. the world famous words of judo and one. belong to the japanese martial placed on snow ms bhutto dozer it's much more to go the ability to win it called polishing techniques and concentrating on to perfect the spirit. the oswego to the news bhutto develop mental and spiritual training systems used by this time
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she reads this post you see in the more traditional markets. still teaches that the techniques using both lungs and age with some cope with the school's christian roots back to one thousand years. while. he's always watching techniques basis of the sport of conduct. one hundred methods of teaching in a pot of developing to do the notable countries to give bhutto is it stress on orkut to see and respect. i know if you don't show respect your opponent. my training you'll never improve meals meals in the box art that will win was only one strand in the spirit of equality. it has pockets start with a bow and end
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with. before any matching candle judo you boys about your opponent to signify to expect. when the match is over. another down trends continue the momentum model i hang on. the he did smoke is contesting his move to the tradition is posting from the end of the mention of the sea between the delusion that the show too. which precede imaging victory his disrespect. those who follow the strength of spirit and ten. police and army trainers from the bbc to defeat them sixteen s will disapprove the qb. we can do this life is to strive to improve our souls. as much as. so training is designed to strengthen concentration and wilco. in many japanese most
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months to come. this is determined in this second total mental concentration is essential. i know it though. nintendo for example before and after each mentor training session. it is considered vital to sit in meditation to calm the spirit bhutto is practiced in training who was known as georgia. the name shows have bhutto's focus on mental concentration is inherited from zen meditation. judo is perhaps the most in my hood he'll steer and simple surroundings are too slow to proceed to a set series of movements. the goal is to eliminate the spectacle has agreed to strengthen the mind becomes steel great isn't it cute or even to forbid him to make any noise that might just be onto something the dough is about more than winning or losing expected to
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support two zero. i just read a full teaching assistants is essentially an old widow. it may take it like the su the goal of a judo training is unique a patient of mine to me. and physical stress monroe. after achieving a balanced ability to use these three facts. one consequence of the cost of developing a pro. physical training due to strong and loving it. like defeating we learn how to use the techniques for self protection. the mental strength to strength of both audiences. with others their progress helps us the privilege to spend the important thing is to always try to like these the spirit to bhutto has developed twice and then use the training mine out of the contestants. this is
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the essence of cool. you long moving will. what was i. and i have now. russian separatists in ukraine embrace the stakes in the fight against the interim government a group courting the eastern city of snobby ask that ended the threat of international upset us the interior ministry state under the policies of the eighteen people the detainee is an observance from the organization for security and cooperation in europe and the ukrainian escorts putting them in a state security building the separatists leave this as he had one of his sentence was and ministry spy


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